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     Welcome to the Law Firm of Matthew McDaniel.

     This law practice was formed because people in our growing region need solutions to all types and sizes of problems. We need more than just a lawyer. We need competent advocacy, quality representation, and effective ideas for solving tough challenges. We need an advocate that understands how to protect our families, how to protect our interests, and understands how to protect ourselves.

     The goal of this law practice is to protect you.

    For example, a small business owner may face a government agency that issues the a business a grossly unfair penalty. In other cases, a client may contemplate how to proceed in a collections lawsuit where the amount claimed approaches five or six figures. What will happen to the successful family business when your spouse files for divorce? Perhaps your loved one made an understandable mistake, but the authorities insist on imposing the maximum penalty.

    Regardless of your situation, when solutions to your challenges remain elusive, this attorney will stand by your side as counsel and friend to obtain the best possible result.

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